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ICMRI 2019 Best Oral Presentation Award

The Organizing Committee of  ICMRI 2019 has honored A Best Oral Presentation Award to Jaekyun Ryu, Won Beom Jung, Jeong Pyo Son, Seong-Gi Kim, Yang-Yeon Park* for outstanding scientific research and excellent oral presentation entitled "Characteristics of BOLD-fMRI using a 3D ultrafast gradient-echo-based sequence with spatiotemporal encoding"

Global Ph.D Fellowship (GPF)

Seok Won Lee has been granted "Global Ph.D Fellowship (GPF)" by National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF). 

ISMRM 2018 Summa cum Laude Award

Author : Jeongtaek Lee, Seung-Kyun Lee, and Jang-Yeon Park*

Title : A Novel Method for Direct Detection and Spatial Mapping of Neuronal Activity


ISMRM 2018 Annual meeting Summa cum Laude Award

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